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Titan Ruins is a 5v5 Arena battleground, where players push along a three lane map that'll be familiar to previous MOBA players.

Description[edit | edit source]

To win a match in Titan Ruins, a team must accomplish one of the following tasks:

  • The first team that manages to destroy the Titan Core at the center of the opposing team's base will win.
  • The first team to reach 1000 points will win.
  • If the match hits the 30 minutes mark, whichever team has the most points will win.

There are several ways to gain points, most of them revolve around defeating enemies.

  • Masters kills provide 8 points.
  • Kill assists provide 2 points.
  • Defeating a Guardian Captain provides 2 points.
  • Defeating a Guardian provides 2 points.
  • Defeating Adaman or Ruak provides 10 points.
  • Defeating a an Altar Watcher provides 2 points
  • Defeating an enemy Titan provides 5 points * times killed.
  • Defeating a summoned Guardian provides between 75 to 100 points.
  • Destroying a Guardian Tower provides 10 points.
  • Capturing a Titan Sight provides 3 points.

There are 3 lanes in Titan Ruins. Each lane is protected by towers. These towers deal damage to a single target and emit a shockwave that knocks back enemies that get too close. There are also two special towers to the sides of a titan core that deal area damage.

Titanites are computer controlled units that march down each of the three lanes. They spawn in waves every 30 seconds.

Titan's Sight are large sightstones located in the middle and at opposite sides of the map. They provide vision in an area around it when captured. Moving or being attacked cancels the capture process.

Some walls can be destroyed, and some low obstacles can be jumped over.

Pybadons attack anyone and can eat titan shards.

Ritualists are neutral enemies that provide buffs and bonuses when you kill them.

Hero Altars let you summon the fallen heroes, Adaman and Ruak, to aid you. The watchers guarding the altars must be defeated before they can be unsealed. Fallen heroes will march down their lanes, attacking any objectives in their path.

The Stone Chamber contains a powerful monster that once defeated will provide a large boost of points.

Every time a team accumulates 100 points a Titan will be summoned for that team. Titans are giantic creatures that will march down the middle lane, destroying everything in it's path. There are three types of Titans, one attuned to the three types of masters:

  • Helix Damizhra: This titan increases your team's defense and boosts health regeneration.
  • Ardent Tsaphon: This titan grants your team lifesteal and increased stamina regeneration.
  • Kinetic Marahv: This titan reduces your team's skill cooldowns provides mana regeneration.

When a Titan is defeated they'll drop a titan shard that can be collected by a player. Picking up a titan shard will reduce the carrier's movement speed and will also reveal them to their enemies until the shard is dropped or delivered to their team's spawn point. When a team collects 7 shards, one of their players will be able to temporarily turn into a titan incarnate. Most players must vote agree to allow a player to turn into a titan, otherwise the transformation will be aborted.

Titan incarnate has two stances, one focused on dealing damage to enemy masters while the other stance is focused on siege against enemy structures.

Layout[edit | edit source]

TitanRuins Layout.png

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