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Stages are one of the game types in Master X Master. They are PvE (Player versus Environment) instances and dungeons that players can run either solo or with other players and friends. Each stage is separated in several different areas with their own layouts, challenges, and bosses. Completing stages awards materials that can be used to upgrade masters, their weapons, and abilities. These upgrades have no effect in any of the arenas.

There is a rating system that defines the current performance. The higher the rating when the stage is cleared, the more rewards can be selected.

Each stage is aligned to a certain attunement: Kinetic AttunementType Kinetic.png, Helix AttunementType Helix.png and Ardent AttunementType Ardent.png. The attunement of a stage affects the performance of masters. For example, Helix masters will gain bonus damage and defenses while running Kinetic attuned stages. Properly choosing your Masters in PvE stages will allow you to attain higher ranks on harder difficulties, which provide additional rewards like XP, gold, items, and materials.

Each stage has different difficulty levels that players can unlock at they play. The harder an instance is, the better the rewards will be.

List of stages[edit | edit source]