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The Trial Facility is a kinetic-type Kinetic Attunement stage. Manufactured drones go through a lengthy and grueling test process. No one has ever witnessed a single drone that has passed the entire tests to become a final product.

Main Collectible ItemsEdit

Easy (Story)   Kinetic Augmentation Crystal
Normal   Kinetic Augmentation Crystal
Brutal   Kinetic Augmentation Crystal

  DH-07 Super Cannon

Extreme   Kinetic Augmentation Crystal

  DH-07 Super Cannon

Nightmare ?

Challenge MissionsEdit

Clear without Dying   1000
Eliminate 6 Unfinished Hosts simultaneously   2000
Don't get hit by the Validator DH-07   2000
Eliminate 2 Adaptive Hosts after killing Host Destroyer within 2 seconds   2000
[Easy] Complete a stage   20
[Brutal] Eliminate Venomspit Drone after killing Destruction Host within 2 seconds   3000
[Extreme] Don't get hit by destruction stones   50
[Extreme] S Rank Cleared   50
[Nightmare] Complete a stage   100
[Nightmare] Don't get shocked   100

Rare CreaturesEdit

FN31I DB-02   500
FN32J DB-03   500
Humpback   500
Rake Hand   500
Hook Hands   500
Anti-personnel DW-02   500
Lumpback   200
Anti-personnel DW-03   200