Rentu Laboratory

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RentuLaboratory BreedingChamber Screenshot1.png

Rentu Laboratory is a Kinetic-type Kinetic stage available in Master X Master. Rentu Laboratory offers 4 different areas that can be explored:

  • The Rentu Breeding Chamber is home to numerous drones sleeping inside these incubators.
  • Though the researchers are dead and the facility closed, drones still actively roam the area searching for fresh victims.
  • Manufactured drones go through a lengthy and grueling test process. No one has ever witnessed a single drone that has passed the entire tests to become a final product.
  • Drones that fail to pass the tests are discarded here. Melting vats break down drones that have been classified as waste.

Each area provides a unique experience, enemies, and challenges to overcome throughout the larger Rentu Laboratory story. This stage can be run alone or with a group, and by choosing the right Master combos—and through expert play—your score at the end (Rank) will provide greater rewards.