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Lacrimosa is a Kinetic-type Kinetic stage available in Master X Master. Lacrimosa offers 4 different areas that can be explored:

  • The Derelict streets of Lacrimosa were abandoned long ago. Now, nature grows over a once bustling city, concealing a horde of mutants that attack anyone unlucky enough to find themselves lost in the old metropolitan ruins. Make your way through the streets to reach the power plant and figure out what's draining its energy.
  • While it once provided power for the entirety of Lacrimosa, it's now home to mutants that feed off of its energy. The power plant core is being drained by something larger, and massive energy spikes can be detected even from the Dredgion. If the Masters can reestablish a power uplink, the Highcrest Barrier might be able to be activated, freeing it from Atlas's control.
  • Highcrest Tower was abandoned when Atlas's forces pushed through the city. While it's deep within the city of Lacrimosa, the Dredgion has uncovered information that the Highcrest Barrier may still be operational. If the Masters are able to clear the tower, the Barrier can be activated to shield the area from Atlas's influence. Earth will be retaken, one step at a time.
  • With Highcrest secured, the Masters must now establish a route for reinforcements and supplies to pass through Lacrimosa. The subway tunnels would be the best way to connect resistance forces with Dredgion soldiers passing through, especially once the city is safe enough to establish a base. There's just one problem: a giant parasitic mutant lurks in the depths of the tunnel system (of course).

Each area provides a unique experience, enemies, and challenges to overcome throughout the larger Lacrimosa story. This stage can be run alone or with a group, and by choosing the right Master combos—and through expert play—your score at the end (Rank) will provide greater rewards.