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Demenos Thumbnail.jpg
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Role: Support
Type: AttunementType Helix.png Helix
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Originates from: Master X Master
Weapon Damage: 4
Skill Power: 8
Survivability: 4
Difficulty: 3

Demenos is one of the Masters in Master X Master.

Bio[edit | edit source]

  • Name: Demenos
  • Keywords: Master of Electricity, rich, upper class, arrogant
  • Nickname: Thunder Lord
  • Appearence: Form of a semi-transparent humanoid energy being
  • Age: 35
  • Gender: Male
  • Race: Aun
  • Occupation: Philanthropist
  • Weapon: Lightning That arcs between allies and enemies.
  • Line: "You're not worth the investment."
  • Goal: Unknown

Story: Thunder Lord[edit | edit source]

Demenos's name is known across all of Aun, and he knows it. From a young age, he has mastered the ability to manipulate lightning, both to restore the spark of life and strip it away. Demenos's gift was so impressive that it earned him the nickname “Thunder Lord” in the Aunian gladiatorial games and elevated him to a celebrity status amongst the Aristocracy. His power has proved useful as a Master, allowing Demenos to provide extensive mission support to the Dredgion on the battlefield, as well as his already generous monetary donations.

Wealthy, intellectual, and equipped with a haughty demeanor, Demenos has never revealed his true intentions for joining the Dredgion crew; he keeps to his reasoning of providing service to the less fortunate. His admission to the rank of Master was a controversial one, with suspicion of having the title bought, but Demenos's spotless track record of mission successes and strategic victories has silenced all but the most determined detractors.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Coming Soon.

Weapon[edit | edit source]

Lightning Mastery[edit | edit source]

Weapons Demenos.png Harnessed elemental power, a rarity amongst the Amaari, that allows Demenos to bend static energy around him into deadly bolts. Fires chain lightning through allies and enemies. Allies struck by chain lightning are healed.

Augments[edit | edit source]

Augments IncreasedSlow.png Augments HPRecovery.png Augments ChainDistance.png
Increases Slow Effect.
Increases Healing on Allies.
Chain Distance
Increases Chain Range.
1st Chain Target Slow (%) -5
2nd Chain Target Slow (%) -10
1st Chain Target HP Recovery +6
2nd Chain Target HP Recovery +12
Maximum Chain Distance (cm) +90
Maximum Chain Angle +40
Level 1 : 2nd Chain Target Slow (%) -10 Level 1 : 1st Chain Target HP Recovery +2 Level 1 : Maximum Chain Distance (cm) +45
Maximum Chain Angle +20
Level 2 : 1st Chain Target Slow (%) -5
2nd Chain Target Slow (%) -5
Level 2 : 2nd Chain Target HP Recovery +4 Level 2 : Maximum Chain Distance (cm) +45
Maximum Chain Angle +20
Level 3 : 1st Chain Target Slow (%) -5
2nd Chain Target Slow (%) -10
Level 3 : 1st Chain Target HP Recovery +2
2nd Chain Target HP Recovery +4
Level 3 : Maximum Chain Distance (cm) +90
Maximum Chain Angle +40

Skills[edit | edit source]

Demenos passive 1.png [Passive] - Recharge[edit | edit source]

[Exhilaration] Recovers MP when healing allies.

Demenos defense 1.png [Survival] - Lightning Rush[edit | edit source]

Demenos rushes forward 6.7m and shocks any enemy he collides with for 0.5 sec.

Demenos ability 1.png [1st ability] - Paralyzing Bolt[edit | edit source]

After a short charge, Demenos unleashes a bolt of lightning on the targeted area, shocking enemies for 2.5 sec. Enemies closer to the center of the blast are shocked for longer.

Demenos ability 2.png [2nd ability] - Rolling Thunder[edit | edit source]

Unleashes a scattered cone of lightning strikes. Enemies caught in the cone are damaged and silenced for 2 sec.

Demenos ability 3.png [3rd ability] - Shock Therapy[edit | edit source]

Links Demenos to a friendly target with a lightning tether for 8 sec. Demenos and his target both gain 20% movespeed, 5% defense, 20 hp recovery p/sec, and 10 mp recovery p/sec. The linking tether will snap if allies move too far away.

Demenos ability 4.png [4th ability] - Ball Lightning[edit | edit source]

Creates an orb that destroys projectiles and moves towards the closest enemy. Demenos may chain his attack through the orb, and every 2 seconds the orb will release a wave of charged bolts around itself. The orb explodes for additional damage after 6 sec.

Demenos ultimate 1.png [Ultimate] - Stasis Storm[edit | edit source]

Creates an 8m wide field of volatile lightning for 2.5 sec. Targets in the field have their muscles tightened, slowing them by -30%. After a delay, the field reaches its maximum charge and explodes, causing massive damage.

Skins[edit | edit source]

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