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Caligo MunitionsFactory Screenshot1.png

Caligo Factory is a Ardent-type AttunementType Ardent.png stage available in Master X Master. Caligo Factory offers 4 different areas that can be explored:

  • The Caligo Munitions Factory is kept in operation by the AI even after all the workers have gone. Materials used on weapons are still being processed throughout this area.
  • Underneath the Caligo Factory lies a section where all electrical power is controlled.
  • The robotic weapons manufactured in Caligo Factory are constantly being upgraded and enhanced. The AI is currently using the weapons to guard the factory facilities.
  • Everything in the Caligo Factory is controlled from the Central Control Tower. In the deepest part of the Central Control Center lies a secret weapon that even the AI can't control.

Each area provides a unique experience, enemies, and challenges to overcome throughout the larger Caligo Factory story. This stage can be run alone or with a group, and by choosing the right Master combos—and through expert play—your score at the end (Rank) will provide greater rewards.