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Sizuka Thumbnail.jpg
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Role: Assassin
Type: AttunementType Helix.png Helix
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Originates from: Master X Master
Weapon Damage: 10
Skill Power: 4
Survivability: 2
Difficulty: 9

Sizuka is one of the Masters in Master X Master.

Bio[edit | edit source]

  • Name: Sizuka
  • Keywords: Shadow, no emotions, assassin, cold-blooded, silent, survivor from earth
  • Nickname: Circuit Breaker
  • Appearence: Ponytail, normally stern and perceptive
  • Age: 24
  • Gender: Female
  • Race: Earthling
  • Occupation: Assassin
  • Weapon: Two blades, "Blood & Oil," constructed from fallen Syth enemies.
  • Combat Style: Strikes from the shadows and dispatches foes quickly.
  • Line: "Just another target."
  • Goal: Destroy the Synd

Story: Circuit Breaker[edit | edit source]

Sizuka witnessed the fall of Earth when she was still a child. She could only watch as the Synd swept through, wiping out mass swaths of humanity at a time. Orphaned and full of rage, Sizuka was taken in by a group known as the Slag Hearts--Vais Resistance fighters who had been left behind on Earth. With their aid, she perfected the art of killing. Through her training she became removed from emotion--particularly empathy--but found it a small price to pay. She was too consumed with becoming the ultimate weapon and ridding Earth of the Synd for good.

When the Dredgion arrived on Earth, the Slag Hearts recognized their opportunity to finally gain the upper hand. Sizuka was sent out with a beacon to attract the Dredgion's attention and act as an emissary to this new force. Recognizing her incredible potential, the Dredgion put her through the tests to be made into a Master. Sizuka agreed to the honor, primarily interested in utilizing the Dredgion's additional resources to hunt down and eliminate more Synd targets than ever.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Coming Soon.

Weapon[edit | edit source]

Blood and Oil[edit | edit source]

Weapons Sizuka.png Blades made and reinforced from pieces of Synd Sizuka has slain. Cuts enemies to pieces with three successive strikes. Deliver a triple slash directly in front of you.

Augments[edit | edit source]

Augments CriticalHit.png Augments AttackRange.png Augments Acceleration.png
Critical Hit
Sizuka's third attack has a high Critical Strike Chance.
Attack Range
Sizuka's third attack has increased Range.
Sizuka's third attack increases her Movespeed.
Critical Strike Bonus (%) +100 Attack 3 Range (cm) +300 Movespeed Bonus (%) +40
Level 1 : Critical Strike Bonus (%) +10 Level 1 : Attack 3 Range (cm) +50 Level 1 : Movespeed Bonus (%) +5
Level 2 : Critical Strike Bonus (%) +20 Level 2 : Attack 3 Range (cm) +50 Level 2 : Movespeed Bonus (%) +5
Level 3 : Critical Strike Bonus (%) +40 Level 3 : Attack 3 Range (cm) +100 Level 3 : Movespeed Bonus (%) +10

Skills[edit | edit source]

Sizuka passive 1.png [Passive] - Vicious[edit | edit source]

[Adrenaline] Killing Masters reset Sizuka's cooldowns.

[Bleed them Dry] Bleeding inflicted by Sizuka can stack up to 5 times. Each stack increases damage dealt by the Bleed effect.

Sizuka defense 1.png [Survival] - Swift Step[edit | edit source]

Instantly dash a short distance in the direction of your cursor.

Sizuka ability 2.png [1st ability] - Snap Strike[edit | edit source]

Instantly dashes to a target with a disorienting strike. Causes a stack of bleeding with a small chance to stun. If Snap Strike is used while flanking, the chance to stun is greatly increased. Stuns last 1.5 sec.

Sizuka ability 3.png [2nd ability] - Caltrops[edit | edit source]

Throws caltrops at a target area that slows for 2 sec. and bleeds enemies who step on them. Sizuka jumps back slightly when using this skill.

Sizuka ability 1.png [3rd ability] - Cloak[edit | edit source]

Enter stealth for 4.5 sec. Attacking, using a skill, or dodging will remove stealth.

Sizuka ability 4.png [4th ability] - Rending Blades[edit | edit source]

Sizuka focuses her attacks on exposed areas for 4 sec., increasing her weapon damage and causing bleeding with each weapon strike for 5 seconds.

Sizuka ultimate 1.png [Ultimate] - A Thousand Cuts[edit | edit source]

Sizuka dashes in and out of sight, slashing all enemies within range. Each slash stuns its target for 0.4 sec. Targets can be struck multiple times.

Skins[edit | edit source]

Videos[edit | edit source]

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